Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Ot of Albert stinks. Leslie speaks:
Al'bert, dorogusha, from you stink!
Iz of tank could not be been selected, not provonyav, Albert speaks. Entire floor was of useyan the broken bottles, and another

heap of the splinters of glass in the toilet. It is similar to ice, speaks Albert, as on those elegant embankments in the hotel, when

we pour into the urinals split ice. In the tank stinks, and entire floor of useyan by the splinters of ice, which not rastayet never, and

Albert helps Madame to arise from the floor. Its white dress are everything in the yellow spots. Madame swings in air by the

splinter of bottle, yue poskal'zyvayetsya on the spilled perfumes and the splinters of glass and it falls on the palm.
Ona cries and elapses by the blood, after being clogged into the angle. O, as it burns, she speaks:
Uolter, as it burns. As zhzhet! reckons Madame.
Dukhi, all these isolations of dead whales, penetrate the cuts and the plait unbearable.
Khozyain again raises Madame to the feet. It holds hands so, as if it prays, does not only force palm one against another,

because on them the blood flows by streams, it flows on the wrists, on the diamond bracelet and drips from the elbows.
I owner tells:
to Vse will be well, Nina.
of Moi of hand, Walter, is not stopped by Madame.
Vse will be well.
to Madam it questions:
Kto could this make? Who hates me so strongly?
Khozyain tells Albert:
Vy could not cause "fast"?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Neozhidannaya and important news.

Which brought to us lestreyd, it slightly stupefied all us. Gregson jumped from the armchair, strait to the floor the remainders of whisky with the water. Sherlock Holmes moved eyebrows and strongly lips, and I silently was set to it.of I Of stendzherson also... it muttered Kholms. the matter it is complicated. Ono even without that is sufficiently complicated, did mutter Lestreyd, undertaking stul. but it seems it did please to the military council? A you... you accurately know that it ubit? hesitating, asked Gregson. ya was recently in its room, it answered Lestreyd. I the first revealed its corpse. A we here listened to Gregsona, which in its own way solved riddle, it noted Kholms. be so kind, describe to us that you saw and that they had time to make. Pozhaluysta, answered Lestreyd, being seated to stul. I will not cut, I it were held that opinion that Stendzherson was mixed in the murder Of drebbera. Today's event proved that I made mistakes. That obsessed by thought about its participation, I decided to explain, where it and that with it. The third number in the evening, approximately in half of the ninth, them they saw together on The yustonskom station. At two P.M. the corpse Of drebbera they found to Brikston-roud. Consequently, I had to learn, that made Stendzherson between half of the ninth and that hour, when crime was perfected, and where it got to after this. I sent to Liverpool telegram, reported the signs Of stendzhersona and requested to trace the steamships, which go out to America. Then I travelled over all hotels and meblirovannye rooms in the region Of yustonskogo station. You do see, I discussed as follows: if they with Drebberom parted in the station, then most likely secretary will spend the night somewhere hereabout, and in the morning again he will appear to the station. Oni, probably, previously they agreed about the rendezvous point, put Holmes. Tak proved to be. Yesterday's evening I spent on the searches For stendzhersona, but it is unsuccessful. Today it began to search for it from the early morning and eight hours reached finally the hotel Of "khollidey" on Little-George- Street. To a question, does not live here mister stendzherson, they immediately answered me affirmatively. Vy, probably that gentleman, whom it waits, they said to me. On awaits you already two days. A where it seychas? it asked .to U itself it is above, he still will sleep. It requested to wake it into nine. ya itself it I will wake, it said , I thought that my sudden arrival will take it unaware and from the unexpected contingency it can let out a secret about the murder.